Our Services

Photo Frame and Mount

Transform your photos into stunning works of art with our expert photo framing and mounting services at Baba Lamination and Frame. We understand the importance of displaying your memories beautifully, and our skilled artisans are here to make it happen.

  • College Frames and Momentos: Celebrate your academic achievements with our custom college frames and momentos that showcase your accomplishments in a unique and elegant manner.
  • Canvas Painting: Turn your favorite photos into captivating canvas paintings that add an artistic touch to your space.
  • Pencil Sketch: Our talented artists can create intricate pencil sketches from your photographs, giving your images a timeless and artistic look.
  • Specialized Mounting: We offer various mounting options, including foam board, acrylic, and more, to ensure your photos are displayed with style and durability.

Discover the art of framing and mounting at Baba Lamination and Frame. Let us help you create a visual masterpiece that will be the centerpiece of any room.

Photo Lamination

Transform your favorite photographs into timeless pieces of art with our top-notch photo lamination services. We protect your memories while enhancing their visual appeal.

  • Standard Photo Lamination: We offer a standard lamination process that enhances the durability of your photos, making them resistant to wear, tear, and fading.
  • Hot Press Lamination: For a sleek, professional finish, our hot press lamination service provides a glossy, bubble-free result that truly enhances the visual appeal of your photographs.
  • Special Lamination: Looking for something unique? Our special lamination options, including matte, satin, and textured finishes, allow you to customize your photo lamination to suit your style and preferences.
  • Old Photo Re-touchup: We can breathe new life into your old, damaged photos. Our expert touch-up services restore and enhance your vintage photographs, ensuring they can be cherished for generations to come.

    Personalized Printing

    At Baba Lamination and Frame, we offer a wide range of personalized printing services that allow you to express your creativity and make memorable gifts for loved ones.

    • Mug Printing: Design custom mugs with photos, logos, or messages for a personal touch to your coffee or tea time.
    • T-Shirt Printing: Create personalized t-shirts with your own designs or slogans, making a statement wherever you go.
    • Pillow Printing: Add a personal touch to your home decor with custom-printed pillows featuring your favorite images or designs.
    • Magic Mirror and Cubes: Experience the magic of personalized mirrors and cubes that display your chosen images in a unique and captivating way.

    Bring your creative ideas to life with our high-quality personalized printing services. Baba Lamination and Frame is your partner in turning imagination into reality.


    Wedding Photography and Videography

    Capture the most precious moments of your life with the skilled and experienced team at Baba Lamination and Frame. Our wedding photography and videography services are designed to preserve the beauty and emotions of your special day.

    • Professional Photography: Our photographers are dedicated to capturing every smile, tear, and joyous moment, ensuring your wedding album tells your unique love story.
    • Cinematic Videography: We create cinematic wedding videos that transport you back to your special day, allowing you to relive those magical moments.
    • Pre-Wedding and Engagement Shoots: Document your love story with intimate pre-wedding and engagement photo sessions at picturesque locations.
    • Customized Packages: We offer customized wedding photography and videography packages tailored to your preferences and budget.

    Let Baba Lamination and Frame be a part of your wedding journey, ensuring that your memories are captured in the most beautiful and meaningful way.

      UV Flatbed Printing

      we take pride in offering cutting-edge UV flatbed printing services that elevate your mobile covers and glass designs to a whole new level. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled team are here to transform your ideas into vibrant, durable, and visually stunning products.

      • Mobile Cover Printing: Unleash your creativity and make your mobile phone stand out with our mobile cover printing services. From custom designs to personal photos and everything in between, we have the capabilities to print on a wide range of mobile cover materials, ensuring a perfect fit for your device. Our UV flatbed printing process results in vibrant, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting designs that showcase your individuality.
      • Glass Printing: Enhance the aesthetics of glass surfaces with our precise and eye-catching glass printing. Whether it’s glass panels, tabletops, decorative glassware, or any other glass-based product, we can print intricate designs, logos, or images in stunning detail. Our UV flatbed printing ensures that the prints are resistant to fading and damage, making them suitable for both decorative and promotional purposes.